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"We focus on development to go with
                    global trend and developing high-quality technology"
Fluid Control Tubing for Powertrain
Fluid Control Tubing for Water Pump, Vacuum Pump & Hydraulic Pump
Fluid Control Tubing for Air Conditioning
Fluid Control Tubing for Power Steering
"The Leap as a World-Class Auto Parts Specialized Sompany."
"A Complete the highest quality throughout the world class test facilities and cooperative developments"
DH TUBE CO., LTD. is consistantly pushing ahead and develop about launching auto parts modularity and system with global automotive companies. We are also trying to fulfill requirements of 1st and 2nd vendor of global Automobile Corporations such as design review, APQP, Technical review, PPAP, and so on. Therefore, our majority concern for our clients is to satisfy our clients' demands to lanuch long term relationship.
"Development of Diversified high value products"
DH TUBE CO., LTD consistently develops to diversify high value products such as high technology vehicle and aircrafts parts. Additionally, the application scheme of management of technology creates the competitive advantage.
"Improvement of existing products and future technology acquisition"
DH TUBE CO., LTD. is doing our best to improve existing production line and competitive R&D for guarantee of technology in near future.
powertrain module power pump module
air conditioning module power steering module
Powertrain, Oil Pickup Tube, Power Pump, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Machined Part & Press Part, Machined Part, Press Part, Coolant Tube, FUEL Supply, EGR Tube, Transmission Cooler(TOC) Tube, Tube Assembly for Transmission Oil Spray, Pressure Sensing Tube, Transmission for Hose & Tube Assembly, Return Tube Assembly, Fitting Assembly, Union, 90˚Return Tube Assembly, Tube Assembly for Vacuum Pump, Water Pump, Fluid Control Tubing for Heater, Fluid Control Tubing for Condenser, Fluid Control Tubing for Cooling Module, Fluid Control Tubing for Air conditioning Hose Assembly, Machined part, DHTube, DH tube